It's hard to beat a person who never gives up. -Babe Ruth

It is hard to keep forging on when the ‘Energizer Bunny’ is next to you. Sometimes it can be pretty tiring creating new ideas and visualizing the present ideas. None-the-less it is important to continue moving forward so that you become the one no one can beat.

How does one keep up the pace? One way is never become complaisant in your work. This is why reflecting on the reason for creating the work is so important.

Create artwork that you love. If you do not enjoy creating the work you do it is less likely that you will look forward to working on the project. The work needs to be relevant to you as well as to others. Your love of the creation can be seen in the imagery and presentation. Take pride in the work you create for it is yours and no one else’s. Be true to your inner voice.

There will be many things that will keep you from creating work. One could be the frustration that no one but yourself is interested in the body of work you have created. This might be true if you ARE the only person who sees the work. There is no magical gallery director out there surfing the web looking for you. You have to search for them. You have to place the work out for others to see. In this day and age art is everywhere and the competition is fierce. But remember it is your voice – your artwork is unique to you and it will be noticed. This will take effort on your part but there will be more rewards than just keeping the work in storage. You created it to be seen and it will be up to you to bring to the world through social networking, entering competitions, having exhibitions and more.

Being the artist who never gives up is tiring. So renew your energy by learning new techniques, visiting museums/galleries, and reading what other artists are thinking. The more you know the stronger you become as an artist and as person.

You have selected a career that is very demanding. Being an artist in today’s world is a challenge for now you are the image maker, the business person, the public relations staff just to name a few of the hats that you will wear in one day. It is also very exciting for there is never a dull moment.