SAND SHADOWS Hand Tinted Pinhole Images
 The terms such as dreamlike, memory, mystical and more have been used to describe these images. They are not images frozen in time, as are so many other photographs. Rather they are a blending of time and self-reflection.

Sand Shadows with its blurred imagery and hints of color are fragments of the moment. They have a touch of romance for a memory or an emotion. The images permit travel within a memory as the viewer is swept by the visual motion and timeless quality. The images are much like the subject as it blends with the ocean and is drawn out to the sea. The surf cannot be stopped or held back by man. Neither can time.

Most recently I have explored having the images scanned and enlarged to a scale that is more life size. The 48”x 62”images show the texture of the pencil strokes and the paper texture. They challenge the viewer and the waves seem to sweep into the gallery. The larger image negates the memory as a past event and brings it to the present.