Talking to Ghosts is a series about my mother who is slowly drifting away in a world of her own. Her life is limited to a wheelchair and she is dependent upon others for her needs. She is moving from speaking to me and telling her life stories to talking to those who are in the stories. The look and expressions are not for me but for the ghosts she sees.

There is rawness in the images that give them a feeling of stealing the shot before it is lost. There is an inherent quite in the images linked with the solemn reality that this could be the last image taken of my mother while alive. I feel the loneness within her world. The children do not visit enough. Her dreams are gone. The youth is gone. The boyfriends are gone. She is trap by her health. She is trapped in a world of ghosts.

There are not many different locations seen in the images for her world is small. Her world rotates between the kitchen table to the reclining chair both which face a large screen TV.  Day in and day out this is her life. The difference within the  passing  months are the ghosts who rotate in and out of her space.

It is also important to note that this series is primarily taken with an iPad. A point and shoot camera was used for gravesite shot. This way I can capture the moments with very little intrusion. I also feel it adds the rawness  of the work. I feel it creates a personal story as if I was creating a journal. In a way this is a journal of where the past as taken my mother and how I am seeing the loss as it passes by me.

This work was created with the support of the Mississippi Arts Commission.